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TheKareliaFursuits is a fursuit making business located in Denmark.

Let it be known that Denmark is a very small country and not many materials are easy to get here. We mostly import all our faux furs, fabrics, glue, whatever may be needed for making fursuits.

I (TheKarelia) have made fursuits mostly as a hobby since 2011, however in May 2016 I decided to finally start doing the one thing I truly felt was right for me. So I quit my horribly stressful job and went full time making fursuits. One of the best decisions I've ever made in my entire life! I then hired my husband Titus and we now run our business together, working full time almost every day of the week.

TheKareliaFursuits is a registered business. Becoming certified as a real business was a huge dream coming true and we work hard to keep improving, keep learning, and to offer the best possible quality and short waiting time.

Each single fursuit is like a child to us and we put a lot of love and care into every single piece of work. All our heads and feetpaws are made of foam and are hand carved. Most items are sewn on a sewing machine, and the few things sewn by hand are done so with strong stitches and extra strong thread.

Our fursuit heads are very light, comfortable to wear and well ventilated.

The bodies can be machine washed, and all parts are easy to maintain.

TheKareliaFursuitsFamily is still small but definitely growing with family members spread out to more than 15 countries worldwide!  

Every client is not just a customer but also a friend and a member of our beloved furry family. We are very thankful for your love and support!

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