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Please read carefully before placing an order

(Feel free to ask if you have any questions)

When ordering:

You must be 18 years or older to order a fursuit from us. Asking a parent/guardian will not be accepted.

If you are accepted for a commission slot you will be asked to provide a picture of some personal ID.

You are of course allowed to censor personal info as long as we can make sure you are old enough.



Important info:

You will need to provide a reference sheet of your character.
(Artistic liberty or help with designs is also possible)


We will take our time studying your design, letting you know if something is not possible, etc.

You will have to provide a duct tape dummy + measurements when ordering a fullsuit.
You will also be asked to provide a pair of shoes when you order feetpaws.

We do NOT work with copyright characters!
We NEVER work with real fur!

All our bodysuits come with a front zipper for the wearer to get in and out of suit on their own.
We do
NOT make hidden zippers.

Our fursuit heads come with a static jaw which provides good ventilation and can fit a bottle.
We no longer offer to install any electronic parts in our fursuit heads.


Do not take it personal if your commission isn't picked during a current opening.

We choose a handful of designs to make in each batch.

If yours isn't chosen, please feel free to

try again in our next opening.


Reference sheet:

The most important thing when ordering a fursuit is a detailed reference sheet without shading!
You can make one by yourself, find a free template or order one from an artist.
Its preferred to get a 3 sided reference sheet so we can see all markings and details on your character.

2 sides are also fine as long as we can see all details clearly on both front and back.

We pick out high quality fur with colors matching your reference as good as possible. Please be aware that some color nuances are impossible to match completely and we will always do our best to find the best alternative. Since everything is handmade small variations from the design/concept art might occur.




We accept bank transfer and WISE. On rare occassions we can accept Paypal as well.


We ask for a 30% or 50% down payment in order to cover all material costs etc.

A monthly payment plan can be discussed once your commission is accepted.

Shipping and handling will be added upon completion.

Everything must be paid in full before we can start on your commission.

Do NOT commission anything if you do not have the money for it!

When your order is accepted, you will have to pay 30% or 50% of the price to secure your commission slot.
This payment is to make sure we have a serious deal, and to provide all materials for your commission.

Upon commissioning you agree to our terms and a nonrefundable down payment to cover materials.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and to refund a commission at any time.
If a commissioner is unreasonable or unwilling to cooperate we will cancel and refund the project.

This can also apply if we do not receive shoes or duct tape dummy needed for the commission.

Allergies: Please take note that we have cats in our home.


WIP pics and modelling:

During production we will upload pictures of finished parts and sneak peeks at our leisure.
Our pictures and updates are mainly uploaded to Patreon,
Telegram,Twitter, Instagram and our Facebook page.

We reserve the right to upload pictures of all our products on any media and the right to model all finished products. If you wish to keep your project a secret we want to be notified upon commissioning.

All WIPs, work lists and updates are uploaded to our Patreon:


We ship worldwide with UPS including insurance and tracking information.
The commissioner pays for shipping which will be added as a separate final payment.


We are happy to provide an estimate if you are unsure about the costs.
Please keep in mind that the shipping cost
s might differ depending on location.
After shipping out the product we are no longer responsible for the shipment nor any additional custom fees.


When shipping off your DTD/shoes please keep in mind to mark the parcel as low value 

to avoid custom fees. The client will be responsible to cover any additional expenses.

Please make sure to close up your dummy before you ship it. Otherwise we will add an additional

fee of $50 to your commission.

Warranty and repairs:

Should a problem arise with your new fursuit we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
If anything needs repairs within the first 3 months after purchase, we offer free repairs.
This only includes failures or damages which are caused during production and not caused by the commissioner. The commissioner will pay for the shipping.

For any repairs after the first 3 months of ownership, we charge a small fee to cover work hours and material cos
ts. The commissioner pays for shipping.

We request that you please clean your fursuit and make absolute sure it is dry before sending it to us for repairs. If we receive a dirty fursuit/parts we will charge a small fee for any cleaning service.

Any fursuit and fursuit parts will wear down over time as you wear it, just like any other piece of clothing.

For tips on maintenance/cleaning of your fursuit we refer to the page "Guides".


Complaints and refunds:

We do not give a refund on the initial 30% - 50% payment as it covers all materials. If you want to cancel your commission during production the refund will vary depending on the progress of your product.

Once a fursuit is completed we cannot offer a refund.

We do not give refunds on finished products, mistreated fursuits nor old fursuits worn over time.

If you wish to complain about anything, please do so as soon as possible.
Should you experience a problem, please contact us about it before complaining to others.
We will always try our best to make the client happy and satisfied.

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