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If you can see this page, we're currently open

for new commissions!

Please follow the instructions on how to place your order, and we will return to you after we've closed and decided who to build.

It's NOT first come first serve and nothing personal if your design isn't chosen.

Please read our terms of service carefully before placing an order. You can read it under "TOS" on our website:

You must be 18 years or older to order a fursuit from us.

Asking a parent/guardian will not be accepted.

If you are accepted for a commission slot you will be asked to provide a picture of some personal ID. You are allowed to censor personal info as long as we can make sure you are old enough.


We accept bank transfer and WISE. On rare occassions we can accept Paypal as well. We ask for a 30% or 50% down payment in order to cover all material costs etc. Everything must be paid in full before we start on your commission.

A monthly payment plan can be discussed once your commission is accepted. Shipping and handling will be added upon completion.

Do NOT commission anything if you do not have the money for it!

Upon commissioning you agree to our terms and a nonrefundable down payment to cover materials. When your order is accepted, you will have to pay a deposit of 30% or 50% of the price.


When you apply for a slot simply click on the "COMMISSION US!" button below, save the file and fill out all details. Once you're done just send the filled out form to our e-mail together with your reference sheet and ID.

Our e-mail:




Save the file and fill out all details:

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